Bicu Lounge is a trendy rooftop lounge located in the heart of Kigali’s city center. A melting pot of natural elements and gorgeous views. The lounge brings to life the essence and ambiance of a night out, delicious food and incredible cocktails. “Bicu” derived from the word “Ibicu” in Kinyarwanda which means clouds, the lounge seeks to create an ambiance that’s beyond the clouds.

A Taste

Enjoy delicious meals carefully curated to fully engulf your taste buds. Our menu is a balance of local and international cuisine creating a mouth watering dining experience. The cocktails are made with fresh ingredients that are seasonal to the country and are a burst of flavor that packs a punch. Depending on your choice of poison and palate, from the sweet tooth delight, to the sour but nice, strong like you like it OR a little bit of spice. Bicu lounge aims to ensure you leave satisfied and happy.


A Sight

We took inspiration from a beautiful flower that grows in Rwanda, Birds of Paradise. This eclectic and colorful flower inspired the Green, Orange, Yellow and Blue Gray tones that we painted and used in the decor. The idea was to marry the industrial feel with the warmth of woody accents, this culminates into a perfectly balanced marriage of color and texture.

A Feeling

The cool and warm tones that decorate the walls and interior decor of Bicu lounge, invoke a feeling of ease and sophistication. The cocktails give you just that build up, where you enjoy every sip and every feeling that sip brings. The velvet furniture is soft to the touch and gives you that added luxe and comfort.


A Vibe

From Paint & Sip, to Karaoke Night, to Soulful Sundays to Power Hour, Bicu lounge carefully curates in-house events that brings a unique night-life experience that compliments the feeling and taste of the lounge. We’ve got banger nights like Hottempah, Grown & Sexy Nights, Finest Saturdays that range from full on rave nights to merging a little bit of nostalgia with modern bangers to create a melting pot of vibes.Check out our events calendar and learn more about these events on our social media platforms. We also host private events for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers and corporate cocktail mixers and staff outings. Book with us and add that extra touch of special to your events.

Upcoming Events

Discover more events as they come up on our social media platforms


Contact Us

Address: 6 KN 84 St, Kigali Rwanda
Phone: +250 788 891 996
Email: graniacompanies@gmail.com